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Active Projects

Our Active Projects are in Various Stages of Design, Construction, Programming, Testing and Commissioning.  Many are staged projects with multiple buildings including some 3 year Projects. 

As Projects are completed they are removed from this list.

ASI Controls

ASI Controls System Architecture

Distech Controls

Distech Controls System Architecture

Siemens Talon

Talon System Architecture

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ASI Controls

Since 1986 ASI has made high quality DDC Control components.  With a Global Presence and the recent adoption of the BACnet Standard Protocol. The new ASI Controls ASIC/3 is Native BACnet!

Distech Controls

Distech Controls with Web Services powered by the Tridium Niagara AX Platform and the Distech GFX Programming Wizard allows for easy programming of a complete line of BACnet, LonWorks controllers along with several different Wireless Options Native in the Controllers.

Siemens Industry

As a Siemens Solution Partner we have direct access to a huge inventory of Control Devices (Valves, Actuators, Sensors, Variable Speed Drives) at very competitive prices. The Talon Product line is a full featured Web-Enabled BACnet and LonWorks DDC System.



Tridium has announced the JACE 8!  Tool-less, wireless, seamless: The JACE 8 series is an evolution in hardware design and functionality.


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The US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE) has verified NCS to participate in the Veterans First Contracting Program opportunities with VA.

Active Projects:

FY13 Projects

13-26 FY11 Logistics Support Complex (Super TEMF) - JBLM-Lewis

FY15 Projects

15-02 P320 Submarine Facility - Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam

15-16 FY14 Aviation Complex Gray AAF - JBLM-Lewis

FY16 Projects

16-02 Special Forces Complex - JBLM-Lewis

16-03 Centralia College - Centralia, WA.

16-17 COF/TEMF - JBLM-Main

FY17 Projects

17-03 Building 1151 and 1152 - JBLM-McChord Field

17-04 JBLM Fire Station - JBLM-Lewis

17-05 Aviation Battalion - JBLM-Lewis

17-06 UEPH Barracks - JBLM-Lewis

17-07 Whidbey NAS Hospital -NASWI

17-08 P-259 Aircraft Apron Expansion - NASWI

17-17 Replace Boilers B343 and B12435 - JBLM-Lewis

17-19 Replace HVAC B9580 - JBLM-Lewis

17-20 Replace HVAC PX Building 5280- JBLM-Lewis

FY18 Projects

18-01 Building 851 -JBLM-McChord Field

18-02 Repair Heating System B3082 - JBLM-Lewis

18-03 Repair HVAC Server Room Building 100 - JBLM-McChord Field

18-04 JBLM DFAC Building 11575 - JBLM-Lewis

18-05 Repair Drain Lines Building 2400 - JBLM-Lewis

18-06 P-240 Triton Mission Contorl - NASWI

18-07 Repair Buildingn 691 JBLM-McChord Field

18-08 Repair Squad Ops Building 1216 JBLM-McChord Field

18-09 Repair Building 7000 - Kitsap Naval Base Bangor

18-10 Repair HVAC Building 9570 - JBLM-Lewis

18-11 Repair Hangar 3041 - JBLM-Lewis

18-12 Fire Alarm Tank Controls - JBLM-McChord Field

18-13 Repair Fitness Center Building 729 - JBLM-McChord Field

18-14 Smart Grid - Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam

18-15 Building 2010 - Naval Station Everett

18-16 JBLM Boiler Replacement (7 Bldgs) - JBLM-Lewis

18-17 Bangor Lab Controller Upgrade - Kitsap Naval Base Bangor

18-18 Trippler AMC Lab Building 147 - Trippler Army Medical Center Oahu, HI.




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